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Mile High athletes once again travelled down to Oklahoma City for the 2023 US Rowing Central Youth Championships. At this regatta, athletes had the opportunity to race in two different boats for the chance to qualify for US Rowing's Youth National Championships coming up in June. 
Almost all of our athletes competed at this event and, in spite of rapidly changing weather and racing circumstances, nine of our crews raced fast enough in time trials to advance to finals and two crews have qualified for Nationals. 
Saturday's races were all time trials to qualify for Sunday's final races. In the time trials, the top six crews from each event would advance to finals. However, due to high winds on Sunday, most finals races were cancelled and for the races that were cancelled the top three crews from time trials qualified for nationals.

Lineups and Results

Mens U17 1x 
A. Fairbank - Finished 8th in time trials
J. Bolvig - Finished 12th in time trials
Womens Youth 2x
V. Dawallu & O. Hart - Finished 12th in time trials
Mens Youth 8+
L. Stempfer, M. Steinberg, J. Mandes, P, Curtis, J. Bracke, R. Dougherty, R. Krumholz, O. Held, L. Moyer (cox) - Finished 6th in time trials; Boat scratched for finals
Womens Youth 8+
 K. Roach, J. Dugdale, F. Rechtin, L. Troftgruben, B. Lombardi, A. Jeffery, C. Eller, T. Theobald, A. Rappaport (cox) - Finished 5th in time trials; Finished 5th in finals
Mens U17 4x
J. Monkley, L. Flanigan, W. Qualls, A. Fairbank - Finished 2nd in time trials; Finished 5th in finals
Mens U16 4x+
T. Nagafuji, E. Kolesnikov, O. Eruchalu, E. Duke, J. Bolvig (cox) - Finished 5th in time trials; Finals cancelled due to weather
Womens U16 4x+
E. Baalbergen, K. Basanese, V. Turner, M. Lindstrom, P. Blumberg (cox) - Finished 3rd in time trials; Finals cancelled due to weather & auto-qualified for Nationals
Mens Youth 1x
M. Xu - Finished 7th in time trials
Womens Youth 1x
A. Basanese - Finished 5th in time trials; Finals cancelled due to weather
Mens U17 4+
J. Monkley, J. Bolvig, L. Flanigan, W. Qualls, M Sarram (cox) - Finished 9th in time trials
Womens U17 4+
F. Rechtin, T. Theobals, E. Baalbergen, C. Eller, P. Blumberg (cox) - Finished 3rd in time trials; Finals cancelled due to weather & auto-qualified for Nationals
Womens Youth 4x
A. Basanese, J. Dugdale, L. Troftgruben, O. Hart - Finished 7th in time trials
Mens Youth 4+
M. Steinberg, J. Mandes, M. Xu, L. Stempfer, L. Moyer (cox) - Finished 9th in time trials
Womens Youth 4+
K. Roach, C. Eller, B. Lombardi, A. Jeffery, A. Rappaport (cox) - Finished 11th in time trials
M. Sarram, I. Spreister, Z. Kohrs, K. Dixon, A. Owens (cox) - Finished 14th in time trials
Mens Youth Novice 8+
T. Nagafuji, E. Kolesnikov, P. Curtis, R. Daugherty, O. Held, E. Duke, O. Eruchalu, J. Bracke, A. Owens (cox) - Finished 3rd in time trials; Finals cancelled due to weather
Womens Youth 2nd 4x
C. Eller, K. Basanese, M. Lindstrom, V. Dawallu - Finished 7th in time trials
Women Youth Novice 4
V. Turner, I. Spriester, Z. Kohrs, K Dixon, A. Majka (cox) - Finished 4th in time trials; Finals cancelled due to weather
<![CDATA[2023 Shocker Sprints Virtual Erg Race]]>Sat, 11 Feb 2023 07:00:00 GMThttp://milehighrowing.org/events/2023-shocker-sprints-virtual-erg-race
On Saturday, February 11, 2023 our Mile High athletes competed virtually in the Shocker Sprints hosted by Wichita State University. This is a virtual erg race that puts all of our winter training to the test and gets us ready for spring competition. Athletes race 2000 meters in experience ranged events and since we are racing at altitude, our athlete's finishing times were adjusted to reflect the greater challenge we work against erging a mile higher than other teams. Four of our athletes placed high enough to earn medals in their events.
Mens Novice 2000m
P. Curtis - 11th Place
R. Dougherty - 15th Place
Mens Lightweight 2000m
M. Xu - 3rd Place 
A. Fairbank - 7th Place
Mens Junior 2000m
L. Stempfer - 1st Place
M. Steinberg - 4th Palce
T. Nagafuji - 5th Place
J. Bolvig - 6th Place
Womens Novice 2000m
P. Jeffery - 8th Place
A. Majka - 9th Place
I. Spriester - 12th Place
K. Dixon - 20th Place
Womens Junior 2000m
A. Jeffery - 1st Place
L. Troftgruben - 2nd Place
F. Rechtin - 5th Place
T. Theobald - 6th Place
A. Basanese - 9th Palce
E. Baalbergen - 12th Place
M. Lindstrom - 13th Place
V. Dawallu - 15th Palce
Mens Lightweight 500m
A. Fairbank - 7th Place
<![CDATA[2022 Wichita Frostbite Regatta]]>Sun, 06 Nov 2022 06:00:00 GMThttp://milehighrowing.org/events/every-mile-high-athlete-medals-at-2022-wichita-frostbite
Mile High hit the road to race at the 31st Annual Wichita Frostbite Regatta. This is a 2450 meter head race along the Little Arkansas River. Athletes have to navigate the course through bridges and around other racing crews.

Mile High had a fantastic showing this year with every athlete returning home with a medal!
Womens Jr Novice 8+
A. Jeffery, A. Majka, K. Basanese, M. Sarram, M. Craig, A. Harrison, M. Lindstrom, A. Prabhakaran, N. Shifrin (Cox) - 1st Place
Mens Jr 4x
M. Xu, J. Monkley, A. Fairbank, M. Steinberg - 1st Place
J. Mandes, J. Bolvig, W. Qualls, L. Flanigan - 3rd Place
Womens Jr 1x
A. Basanese - 1st Palce
Mens Jr Novice 4+
O. Held, T. Nagafuji, E. Kolesnikov, G. Harrington, L. Moyer (Cox) - 1st Place
C. Harrington, E. Duke, J. Demko, O. Eruchalu, A. Prabhakaran (Cox) - 2nd Place
Womens Jr 4+
K. Roach, L. Sturhahn, F. Rechtin, T. Theobald, N. Shifrin (Cox) - 1st Place
L. Troftgruben, V. Baker, O. Hart, C. Eller, A. Rappaport (Cox) - 2nd Place
Mens Jr 2x
A. Fairbank/J. Mandes - 3rd Place
Womens Jr 8+
K. Roach, L. Sturhahn, F. Rechtin, T. Theobald, V. Baker, A. Basanese, A. Jeffery, L. Troftgruben, A. Rappaport (Cox) - 1st Place
O. Hart, C. Barsch, C. Eller, V. Dawallu, E. Baalbergen, C. Musgrave, A. Owens, M. Sarram, L. Moyer (Cox) - 2nd Place
Mens Jr 8+
M. Steinberg, J. Bolvig, O. Held, A. Fairbank, E. Kolesnikov, T. Nagafuji, G. Harrington, C. Harrington, A. Rappaport (Cox) - 1st Place
Mens Jr 4+
M. Xu, L. Stempfer, J. Monkley, J. Mandes, N. Shifrin (Cox) - 2nd Place
Mixed Jr 4x
A. Basanese, J. Bolvig, K. Basanese, M. Steinberg  - 1st Place
L. Sturhahn, O. Eruchalu, M. Craig, L. Flanigan - 3rd Place
Womens Jr Novice 4+
A. Jeffery, A. Majka, M. Lindstrom, A. Harrison, A. Prabhakaran (Cox) - 2nd Place
Mens Jr 1x
M. Xu - 1st Place
A. Fairbank - 3rd Place
Womens Jr 4x
A. Basanese, F. Rechtin, L. Troftgruben, O. Hart - 1st Place
Mixed Jr 8+
K. Roach, L. Sturhahn, L. Stempfer, J. Monkley, M. Xu, J. Mendes, C. Eller, C. Barsch, A. Rappaport (Cox) - 1st Place
<![CDATA[MHRC Takes on HOCR 2023]]>Fri, 21 Oct 2022 06:00:00 GMThttp://milehighrowing.org/events/mhrc-takes-on-hocr-2023
The Head of the Charles Regatta is one of the largest races in the world - bringing together more than 11,000 athletes from around the world to compete in over 50 different race events.
​This year, Mile High Rowing Club sends two boats to compete: 
Womens Youth 1x: A. Basanesse Fishished 35th
Womens U17 4+: F. Rechtin, O. Hart, V. Dawallu, M. Sarram, L. Moyer (Cox) Finished 17th
<![CDATA[MHRC Sends Four Boats to 2022 Youth Nationals]]>Wed, 01 Jun 2022 06:00:00 GMThttp://milehighrowing.org/events/mhrc-sends-four-boats-to-2022-youth-nationalsCongratulations to our athletes who qualified for and competed at the 2022 USRowing Youth Nationals held June 9-12 in Sarasota, FL! 

Youth Events/Races
5th Final C (Jr Men's Pair)  Alex/Max
7th Final C (Jr Women's 4-)  Jen/Lillian/Kelly/Khaki

U17/U16 Events/Races
2nd Final C (U17 Women's Pair)  Allegra/Livi
3rd Final C (U16 Women's 4x+)  Frances/Tatum/Emma/Maya/Piera (cox)Youth 
<![CDATA[Mile High Rowing Finishes A Successful Rowing Season]]>Mon, 28 Feb 2022 07:00:00 GMThttp://milehighrowing.org/events/mile-high-rowing-finishes-a-successful-rowing-season​Reposted from The Denver Post, February 28, 2022
Mile High Rowing (MHR) athletes left their mark on national and international stages over the weekend of February 12-13, with rowers pounding out their 2,000 meter races at Wichita State’s Shocker Sprints and the CRASH-B’s National Indoor Rowing Championships. Both the Shocker Sprints and the CRASH-B’s took place virtually.
MHR’s winter season of indoor training resulted in many personal bests and medal finishes, showing the athletes that their grueling work on the rowing machines paid off. Max Xu took 2nd in the men’s lightweight 2k Shocker Sprints, with Louis Stempfer and Jake Mandes taking first and third, respectively in the Men’s Junior 2k. Alex Dawallu, headed to row at Syracuse in the fall, finished third at the CRASH-B’s, against international competition, beating out 14 other contestants.

​Results from indoor competition provide an objective measure of the rowers’ fitness and potential power output in the boat. College and national team coaches study the scores and reach out to junior head coaches with questions about a rower’s on the water performance and their leadership on the team.  Dawallu’s erg scores contributed to his recruitment to Syracuse. Kelly Roach and Violet Baker took the top 2 spots at the Shocker Sprints and attracted the notice of the University of Oklahoma City’s head coach.

<![CDATA[2021 Wichita Frostbite: 2450 Meters]]>Sun, 07 Nov 2021 06:00:00 GMThttp://milehighrowing.org/events/2021-wichita-frostbite-2450-metersMens Open Novice 4+:  6th/10:17 Ariella Davis/Reilly/Adam/Lachlan
Womens Jr Novice 8+:  1st/9:53 Lillian Frances/Maya/Violet/Tatum/Emma/Samantha/Camilla/Ellie
Mens Jr 4x:  1st/8:29.67 Alex/Max/Jake M/Miles
Womens Jr 1x:  3rd/ 11:59 Allegra   6th/ 12:41  Livi
Mens Rec 1x, Club and Jrs1st/14:13 Jacob B
Mens Jr Novice 4+1st/10:52 Nicolette Davis/Reilly/Adam/William
Womens Jr 4+1st/11:12 Ariella Jen/Lilly/Kelly/Khaki  2nd/11:51 Lillian/Eleri/Alana/Frances/Winnie  3rd/12:03 Ellie Anna/Chakisae/Violet/Cecilia
Mens Jr 2x1st/9:21 Alex/Max 10th/11:18 Jake M/Miles
Womens Jr 8+1st/9:56 Nicolette Jen/Lilly S/Kelly/Khaki/Eleri/Allegra/Frances/Alana   2nd/11:35 Lillian Chakisae/Avia/Winnie/Ava/Zoe/Vivian/Noelle/ Maya
Mens Jr 8+:  1st/10:22 Avia Alex/Max/Davis/Louis/Jake M/Miles/Reilly/Adam
Womens Jr 2x:  4th/12:22 Livi/Anna
Womens Rec 1x, Club Jrs1st/16:20 Noelle
Mixed Jr 4x2nd/11:13 Ava/Avia/Jacob/Max  3rd/11:18 Eleri/Vivian/Lachlan/Alex
Womens Jr Novice 4+1st/12:02 Ariella Tatum/Emma/Camilla/Samantha  2nd/13:09 Nicolette Frances/Alana/Violet/Maya
Womens Jr 4x1st/10:11 Jen/Eleri/Kelly/Khaki  6th/12:03  Allegra/Anna/Livi/Lily  11th/15:39 Chakisae/Zoe/Noelle/Cecilia
Mens Open Ltwt 4+:  2nd/11:19 Nicolette Jake M/Adam/William/Lachlan
Mixed Jr 8+:  2nd/10:31.94 Avia Alex/Frances/Louis/Violet/Davis/Max/ Vivian/Ava]]>
<![CDATA[2021 Spring Season Wrap-up: Youth Nationals!]]>Mon, 31 May 2021 06:00:00 GMThttp://milehighrowing.org/events/2021-spring-season-wrap-up-youth-nationalsHeld June 10-13 in Sarasota, the 2021 regatta was the largest in Youth Nationals history with more than 170 rowing clubs and 2,800 athletes!
Youth Events/Races
10th (Jr Men's 4-)   Will M/Alex D/Parker M/Ryan K
18th (Jr Women's Pair)  Khaki S/Grace W
31st (Jr Men's Pair)  Braedan B/Jack G
33rd (Jr Men's Single)  Max X
U17/U15 Events/Races
6th (U17 Single)  Jen D
6th (U15 Single) Tess E
7th (U17 Pair)  Louis S/Jake M
17th (U17 Quad) Lulu K/Kelly R/Lilly S/Avia L]]>
<![CDATA[Athlete Spotlight: Greg Cain]]>Wed, 30 Dec 2020 07:00:00 GMThttp://milehighrowing.org/events/athlete-spotlight-greg-cain
Greg Cain (Colorado Academy) qualifying in the single scull at US Rowing Central Youth Districts in May, 2017.
Mile High Rowing’s Greg Cain finished up his second year of rowing with a seat on the US National Under-19 Team, competing against 21 other athletes from all across the country to represent the US at the World Championships , August 2-6, in Trakai, Lithuania. Greg will race in the double sculls with Toby Satterthwaite from Providence, R.I. This brings Greg’s career as a national level competitor full circle.
He made his first appearance last year at Junior Nationals in the lightweight double sculls with fellow Mile High rower Matt Larouche, winning the C final with a time of 7:03.125. With Matt off to his freshman year, rowing for Bucknell, Greg decided to train in his single scull, finishing 4th in the county at this year’s Junior Nationals in Sarasota, Florida. His stellar performance at US Rowing’s selection camp now has him back in the double sculls and training for Worlds.
​Greg is the third Mile High Rower to compete for the United States. Up against programs twice the size and some decades older, Mile High Rowing Club has nevertheless made it mark on national team rosters. Maddie Lips (Chaparral High School) earned a seat in the junior women’s 8+ in 2010 and came home with silver from Worlds and was on the Under 23 team in 2012 and 2013. Kendall Chase (Mullen High School) competed as a high school student on the world stage in 2012, bringing home bronze in her race in the women’s four. She’s been on the Under 23 team every year since 2014 and has collected four golds from each of her appearances. She is currently training for a seat in a boat that will race at the Olympics in 2020.
<![CDATA[In the Cave of Pain: 2017 World Indoor Rowing Championship]]>Sun, 24 Sep 2017 06:00:00 GMThttp://milehighrowing.org/events/in-the-cave-of-pain-2017-world-indoor-rowing-championship
Four Mile High rowers heard the Darth Vader-voiced announcer intone, “Welcome to the Cave of Pain,” as they entered Boston’s Agganis Arena for the 2017 World Indoor Rowing Championships. As this year’s rowers prepare for the Denver Indoor Rowing Championships this weekend, February 2-3, they’ll get a chance to put the mental toughness work that’s been part of every practice this season to the test.

Coach Malacrida asks the rowers to sit quietly and think through the visualization prompt she gives them. Each rower has a notebook where they record the phrases and images that motivate them to take on the the challenges in the Cave of Pain that is the 2k race. Rowers on the boys’ team report feeling like they go into a time warp where every second stretches longer with each stroke when they’re in the middle of a 2k, or like jumping into a meat grinder. Girl’s teammate Audrey Worrell said, “It feels like you’re trying to breathe when there’s no oxygen.”

Rowers report that having a catalogue of the things that, as Rachel Jung says, “remind me of what I’m passionate about in rowing,” helps them de-stress, collect their thoughts, focus on the goals they have: getting to Junior Nationals again, making the national team, rowing, “in a way to inspire my teammates.” Recording their times and meters rowed also helps them track their progress, and that helps them remember that, “I’ve survived worse.”

Taylor Ritzell came to talk to the team after her Olympic win in the women’s 8+ and answered one rower’s question about what makes an Olympic athlete different from a really good one. “It’s about how you face the pain. It’s never not going to hurt,” she said. “But I ask myself, ‘How am I going to face it today?” Mile High rowers have had the physical and systematic mental training this winter to find out this weekend.